includes chelated calcium

Dr. Jennifer Stewart’s

Bone Formula®

Corrects dietary mineral deficiencies in grains, pasture & oxalate-containing grasses causing Bighead.

Dr Jennifer Stewart’s Bone Formula® powder is formulated to optimise mineral availability - protecting and supporting bone health with essential bone trace elements and micro-minerals commonly deficient in Australian soils and pastures. Provides bioavailable calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, chloride, selenium, iodine, copper, iron, cobalt, manganese, zinc, folate and molybdenum in one easy dose.

Bone demineralization occurs in horses on diets high in phosphorus, low in calcium, deficient in trace and micro-elements, or with poor mineral availability. Such diets are those based on bran, pollard, grains, cereal hays, mature grass forage or high oxalate pastures.

Dr Jennifer Stewart's Bone Formula® provides clinically recommended levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and folate, plus trace elements and micro-minerals essential for musculoskeletal health.

Signs of underlying bone demineralization include shifting lameness, reluctance to move forward freely, joint tenderness, 'creaky' joints, stiffening of the gait, bighead, dental problems and osteoporosis. The incidence of spontaneous fractures, tendon strains and ligament injuries is also higher in affected horses.

Maintaining adequate intake and absorption of bone minerals throughout the horse's life — especially during times of physical stress such as rapid growth, pregnancy, lactation and intense exercise — protects against musculoskeletal weaknesses, injuries and diet imbalances linked to bighead.

Dr Jennifer Stewart’s Bone Formula® formulated by: Dr. Jennifer Stewart (BSc, BVSc, PhD, MRCVS) Equine Veterinarian and Consultant Nutritionist, based on her original field research.

Dr Jennifer Stewart’s
Bone Formula®
Guaranteed Analysis (per/kg)
Calcium 240g
Phosphorus 65g
Magnesium 30g
Salt 103g
Manganese 1600mg
Molybdenum 4mg
Potassium 4g
Cobalt 6mg
Copper 400mg
Selenium 2mg
Iodine 10mg
Folate 25g
Zinc 1600mg

DOSE RATES: feed daily or with the total weekly dose divided into several feeds
Horse type On improved pasture At risk horses*
Weanlings and
25g/day 50g/day
Pregnant and
lactating mares
50g/day 100g/day
Ponies 25g/day 50g/day
Mature horses 50g/day 100g/day

* horses on bran, pollard, grain, cereal chaff/hay, grass and oxalate-containing pastures